Social Media – Handling The Time Issue: Part 2 – Time Saving Techniques

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The last blog covered suggested ways to manage the time you spend using social media, this blog will cover ways to save time using others applications and techniques.

Time Saving Technique 1 – use Hootsuite

The social media dashboard application Hootsuite can act as a front end interface to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. So you can post one message to three platforms in one go.


Time Saving Technique 2 – Data management within Hootsuite

The way Hootsuite lays out data in tabs and columns (known as streams) is also really helpful. For instance, on the Twitter tab (which should be your default tab when the application opens) you can see at a glance which messages require a response within the direct message and mentions streams, at least on the same day or within 24 hours. You can have other tabs for keyword searches for research and or to find business opportunities. You can create lists and manage these within a tab and have one stream per list, perhaps one for clients, location focus, industry focus and so on. This also helps to quickly identify messages of interest to you. You can then just check the home feed (of the messages from all the profiles you follow) when you have more time.

Time Saving Technique 3 – Smartphones

Using a smartphone to Tweet on the go is a great way to make use of dead time, for example when you are waiting for a meeting. Plus, whilst you’re on the go, you can use your smartphone to keep an eye on direct messages and mentions. The Hootsuite application can be downloaded for the iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod phones.

Time Saving Technique 4 – Automatically promote blogs

You can use websites like NetworkedBlogs to auto share your blogs with Facebook and Twitter. This means that once a new blog is published, it will automatically appear as a posting on a Facebook Page and as a message with a link to the blog on Twitter.

Time Saving Technique 5 – Automatically promote YouTube videos

I didn’t mention YouTube in the previous blog, but if you have a You Tube channel page you can configure it using an application like one from This will create a YouTube tab on your Facebook Page that shows recent videos. Whenever you upload or favourite a video, the channel settings within YouTube can be configured to automatically post a Tweet with a link to the video. (Note there is a Facebook setting within the channel settings but this is for personal profiles only, not for business pages.)

We hope you find this useful. For more top tips on how to use social media as a marketing tool for business follow us on Twitter at @qchriswood.



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3 Responses to “Social Media – Handling The Time Issue: Part 2 – Time Saving Techniques”

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Time August 4, 2011 at 6:54 am

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Comment from Aaron Eden
Time August 11, 2011 at 7:13 am

Thanks Chris – that YouTube tip is something I just learned from reading your post. I’ve tried HootSuite before, though I already made my own tool to remedy this problem I have in saving time on the Social Web… and I’m glad I did. Now, I have more time to talk and listen to my peers, which had been spent before in scheduling all those posts, one by one. I wonder just how many percentage of automation do you think is healthy for your social media marketing campaign?

Comment from Chris
Time August 12, 2011 at 10:20 am

Thanks Aaron for your post. I’m glad you found the YouTube tip useful. Sounds good in having your own tool, it definitely helps being able to manage it better and as you say it then gives you more time to engage. I would say max 30 – 40% for automation as you still want to be doing things on ad-hoc basis most days of the week, if you were to schedule too much people will cotton on and realise you’re not about engaging, which is really what the social media tools are all about. The only things I would look to schedule are more kind of broadcast type messages like tips, latest blog, newsletter, events etc. The rest in terms of letting my online connections knowing what I’m up to, engaging with others and my thoughts on stuff would be on ad-hoc basis. I try to do this every working day on Twitter and at least once a week on LinkedIN.

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