How to Interpret the Stats within Hootsuite for Twitter

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hootsuitelogo How to Interpret the Stats within Hootsuite for Twitter

Hootsuite is the social media dashboard that we recommend to manage the posting of messages to more than one platform (more on this here). In using the free version of Hootsuite, you can interpret the stats within it as to whether Twitter is working for your business. This complements the last blog, where I covered how you could interpret the stats in Google Analytics to identify whether social media was working for your business. We can now take this one step further, by checking the stats within the individual platforms to further gauge whether they are working for your business. In this case for Twitter using the Hootsuite Analytics function, then the next two blogs will cover Facebook and LinkedIN.

When you use Hootsuite to post a message with a website link in it, you can shrink the link to give you more characters to type with. There is one added benefit in doing this, in that you can also track the hits to the websites you mention within your tweets (that you have posted via Hootsuite), as shown below:

hootsuitestats How to Interpret the Stats within Hootsuite for Twitter

From this, you can then see which messages have proved popular in drawing the most hits, as this might influence you in the type of products or services you might tweet about in the future. You can see where in the world the hits are coming from, the breakdown is by country only. This is useful for businesses with European or World markets, to know which countries are showing an interest in their products or services. They could then track this on a month by month basis to see whether the interest from certain countries was increasing as the more they targeted them via Twitter.

hootsuitecountries How to Interpret the Stats within Hootsuite for Twitter

Lastly you can see the Mentions by Influencers, i.e. who is retweeting your messages the most (thanks @training_source and @mediatip).

Hootsuitementions How to Interpret the Stats within Hootsuite for Twitter

Within the free version of Hootsuite you can configure one basic report for free to receive this data by email on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We receive our report on a monthly basis as this is sufficient for us to review once a month.

If you are using the paid version of Hootsuite you can further customise your reports with more stats to cover Keywords, Growth of Followers and Twitter Sentiment. In addition you can create reports for Facebook Insights (which can be seen within Facebook as well, more on this in the next blog) and Google Analytics.

We hope you find these top tips useful. For more top tips follow us on Twitter at @qchriswood.



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Thanks Andy, my pleasure as I really like using Hootsuite myself. Please send the Hootkit to 3 Charmian Court, Sivell Place, Exeter, EX2 5ER, thanks.

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