How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

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linkedinlogo How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

For those using LinkedIN, there are stats you can track where the more active you are in this platform, then the more these stats should increase over time. (Note this blog complements the Google Analytics blog on how to interpret the stats as to whether social media is working for your business). On the Home page (scroll half way down on the right side) you can see how many people have viewed your personal profile and how many times it has appeared in search results within LinkedIN (this is one key reason to go and complete your LinkedIN profile now, if it is not yet 100% complete). It will also show you how your network is growing as you connect with more people online.

linkedinprofilestats How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

In addition to these personal profile stats, presuming you have a company profile, you can also see stats for this. Within your company profile there are 2 types of stats you can track – Follower and Page Insights. The Follower Insights show the demographics of who is following your company:

 image021 How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

As well as who are the recent followers of your company profile, number of followers and when picking up new followers. For the status update messages that you post to your company profile you can also see the number of views (known as impressions) they have received:

image023 How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN


For the Page Insights, these show how often the company profile page has been viewed and the demographics of the viewers:

 image025 How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

 As well as how many are Unique Visitors and how often the Products and Services pages has been clicked on.

For the Products/Services you have listed within the Company Profile (if you have yet to do this, then perhaps now is a good time to undertake this), you can see how many times they have been viewed. As well as whether LinkedIn members have engaged (clicked, liked, commented or shared) with the recommendations regarding the products or services listed.

image027 How to Interpret the Stats within LinkedIN

To gain more views and clicks to your Company Profile and Products and Services you will need to promote them on a regular basis. One way is to post them as an update to your personal profile for your connections to pick up on them. In addition to promoting them via your website, Twitter, email etc. It should be noted that stats within the Company profile are relatively new and you would still rely on Google Analytics to fully interpret whether LinkedIn is working for your business.

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